Google PAIR Case Study Shows Significant Gains for Advertisers

February 1, 2024

RAMP Investors & Analysts –

Today we published our first customer case study for Google Display & Video 360’s PAIR - or Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation - with Omni Hotels & Resorts.

Bottom line: PAIR campaigns showed a 4X increase in conversion rate over traditional cookie-based first-party audience targeting in Display & Video 360 (DV360), indicating PAIR delivered better-performing impressions.

What is DV360’s PAIR?

DV360 is Google’s demand side platform (DSP) that provides advertisers with programmatic access to display and video ad inventory from Google’s owned & operated sites (e.g., YouTube) as well as third-party publisher sites. DV360 is the leading DSP in market share terms. PAIR is DV360’s new solution for third-party cookie deprecation that allows advertisers to securely and privately reconcile their first-party data with a publisher’s first-party data to enable personalized advertising.

What does this mean for LiveRamp?

LiveRamp has long championed the idea that personalization and privacy is not an either/or proposition. The results of this case study demonstrate that campaigns based on authenticated first-party data are not just more effective than third-party cookie campaigns, they are significantly more effective.

LiveRamp’s role in PAIR is twofold. First, we are one of only two independent clean room launch partners for PAIR; clean room software enables the secure sharing of first-party data between advertisers and publishers. Second, a prerequisite for using PAIR is using Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS), LiveRamp’s cookieless identity infrastructure for encrypting and reconciling first-party data.

We believe first-party data collaboration will be one of the primary solutions for marketers to sustain personalized advertising once third-party cookies are eliminated later this year. DV360, as the market leading DSP, will play a critical role in enabling this type of first-party data sharing, and together, we are excited to help support this ecosystem transition.

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As always, we’re available to answer any questions. Thank you.

Drew Borst
LiveRamp Investor Relations