RampUp 2024 Recap

March 8, 2024

RAMP Investors & Analysts –

We held our annual customer conference, RampUp, in San Francisco last week, bringing together leaders and luminaries in marketing, advertising and technology.

This was our biggest RamUp yet, with more than 2,500 registered attendees and over 350 customer meetings. We hosted 30+ panels and presentations that featured 110+ speakers, including representatives from some of our largest brand customers, such as Target (Roundel), United Airlines, Eli Lilly, LVMH and Albertsons – just to name a few. Replays of select RampUp sessions are available HERE.

Three key messages for our customers and partners: 

First, this is a critical time for the digital marketing industry and now is the time to unlock the power of data collaboration or risk falling behind. There are multiple market forces driving the need for data collaboration, from signal loss to regulatory changes in the EU and US to a tipping point in the shift from linear TV to streaming and CTV.

Second, the loss of cookies and other third-party data signals is imminent, but there is no reason to wait because advertisers and publishers can get materially better results with authenticated audiences than they ever could with cookies. We highlighted recent case studies showing advertisers got a 4X improvement in customer conversions over cookies with data collaboration on DV360’s PAIR and an 11% increase in audience reach. Publishers, meanwhile, can get 40% higher yields using our cookieless solutions.

Third, and finally, our acquisition of Habu unlocks enhanced clean room capabilities with unprecedented simplicity and scale. The LiveRamp Clean Room, powered by Habu, allows brand marketers to measure campaigns across all walled gardens, programmatic, and media channels and connect their first-party data seamlessly across all clouds, warehouses, and clean rooms.

Three major announcements:

  • LiveRamp Launches Unified Data Collaboration Platform Featuring Composable Technology and New Partner Marketplace (LINK)
  • LiveRamp’s Clean Room Technology Boosts CTV Measurement Through Microsoft Integration (LINK)
  • LiveRamp & Databricks Expanded Partnership Enables Powerful, Cookieless Marketing Campaigns from the Cloud (LINK)

Finally, we hosted a briefing for analysts and investors. For those who missed it, the slide presentation and audio replay are available on our investor relations website (LINK).

As always, we’re available to answer any questions. Thank you for your interest in LiveRamp.


LiveRamp Investor Relations