Google’s Chrome Begins Deprecating Third-Party Cookies

January 4, 2024

RAMP Investors & Analysts –

Today Google deprecated third-party cookies for 1% of Chrome users globally, the next step in its previously announced plan to phase out third-party cookies for all Chrome users globally in the second half of 2024.

What does this mean for LiveRamp?

Given Chrome’s more than 60% browser market share globally and given past delays with its cookie deprecation timeline, the 1% third-party cookie deprecation is notable progress in the industry’s transition to true people-based marketing leveraging authenticated identity.

We welcome this step, as we’ve been ready for the signal-less future for some time now, and are excited to continue helping our partners, customers, and stakeholders on the journey to a more privacy-friendly approach.

Our Authenticated Traffic Solution for global addressability is more than four years in the making and was purpose-built for a signal-less marketing environment. The Authenticated Traffic Solution connects publisher and marketer data to better personalize and measure advertising on authenticated inventory.

LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution is now everywhere consumers are, from the open web to social platforms to CTV. More than 92% of US consumer time spent online is on sites and social platforms connected with LiveRamp, via the Authenticated Traffic Solution or our direct, cookieless publisher integrations.

Our brand customers have been seeing results: A major fitness brand saw a 2X improvement in return on ad spend (ROAS) and a major computer manufacturer was able to substantially increase reach in cookieless environments like Safari.

For additional information, please see our latest blog post.

As always, we’re available to answer any questions. Thank you.

Drew Borst
LiveRamp Investor Relations