Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

At LiveRamp, we believe connected data has the power to change the world. Making meaningful connections with data can unleash a wave of innovation that transforms industries and societies, which can create a better future for us all. We also believe that investing in our employees and the communities where we do business is foundational to building an exceptional corporate culture and driving long-term business success. Our primary company value is Above All, We Do What’s Right, and this mindset extends across all areas of our business. We are committed to leading in the areas of data governance, advancing equality, fostering employee success, and building a sustainable future.

Data Security and Privacy

At LiveRamp, data governance is not just something we do – it is part of who we are. We believe that trust is the foundation of all relationships. To build the trust of those we serve, LiveRamp is committed to stewarding our data and our customers’ data, putting consumer privacy first and protecting our data systems from external threats. Ensuring that we protect the data that we’re entrusted with, and the privacy of those we deal with, is critical to our success.

Data Security

We understand that protecting our customers’ data is at the foundation of enabling our customers and partners to build exceptional experiences and relationships with their end-customers. To do this, we leverage our best-in-class security infrastructure and security program. Our program is designed to reduce risk in alignment with business goals by establishing and leading the execution of a comprehensive security strategy that includes: 

  • Developing, implementing, and enforcing the cyber security framework • Informing and training employees on cyber security

  • Monitoring and assessing security processes and systems

  • Detecting and responding appropriately to security incidents

  • Taking appropriate steps to prevent the occurrence or reoccurrence of any such incidents

  • Integrating with Risk and Compliance stakeholders at the enterprise and division levels 

Data Privacy

A culture of accountability is essential to succeed in a data-driven world and is the only path to driving business value long term. 

Our world-class data ethics program, led by our Chief Data Ethics Officer, ensures we operate in compliance with jurisdictional laws, co-regulation developed by industry self-regulatory groups, and our own rigorous standards for ethical practices. Through the application of data ethics, we are committed to diligently working to detect and prevent uses which are neither just or fair, and to ensure that permitted uses of data create value for all stakeholders. 

Data for Good

In addition to powering better customer experiences, we believe that data, when harnessed for good, can be used to solve some of society’s biggest challenges and shape our world for the better. As part of the Data for Good program, we partner, on a pro-bono basis, with companies who leverage data for social good. For example, we’ve partnered with the Truth Initiative to help fight the opioid epidemic, and more recently, with a variety of telehealth platforms to help better serve individuals during the COVID-19 crisis. 


LiveRamp’s mission is to connect data in ways that matter, and doing so starts with our people. Our team’s Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIB) efforts are a cornerstone of our innovative culture. At LiveRamp, every employee is a guardian of DIB. We believe that individuals do their best when they not only bring their full selves to work, but feel as though they truly belong. As an example, our recruiting efforts seek candidates who add to our culture in useful ways rather than simply hiring for “cultural fit.” This ensures that we win talent that expands our team’s thinking as we build new products and serve new customers. As part of our retention strategy, we reward employees competitively and analyze pay equity through a third party. Overall, our vision is that every talent program and benefit recognizes and reinforces the value of inclusion, divergent thinking, and creative perspectives. Since 2016, LiveRamp has either qualified or has been certified as a “Best Place to Work” by Great Places to Work. In addition, LiveRamp was awarded as a Best Place to Work by Fortune in 2019 and 2018 and was named among the Top 10 Best Places to Work by Glassdoor in 2017. 

Community Engagement

The LiveRamp Cares program (and before that, the Acxiom Cares program) has been in place since 1999 with the mandate of giving back to the communities where we live and do business. Through this program, LiveRamp will match employee donations to charitable organizations that meet established eligibility criteria. LiveRamp Cares is an important part of how we support the interests of our employees and activate their passion, talent and time to make impactful change in our communities. 


As a global company, we are driven by a shared commitment to do our part to make the world a better place. In service to this commitment, we strive to ensure that our sustainability efforts are integrated into key decision making processes and business operations. 

Our sustainability efforts span several areas. With respect to real estate, we prioritize green buildings that are centrally located and commuter-friendly and incorporate sustainable elements throughout all aspects of the design and construction process. Other initiatives at LiveRamp include: recycling and composting programs in all of our primary global offices, energy and resource conservation programs, and public transportation support programs. Finally, we recently transitioned the vast majority of our data hosting to the cloud, thereby significantly reducing our physical data center footprint.